The following rules and regulations are intended to permit activities at the TAZ to be conducted in a safe, property and civic manner to ensure the well-being of each participant and visitor. No deviation from any of these rules will be permitted.

TAZ staff has full authority inside the facility and on the grounds. They reserve the right to sanction and expel any person who violates one or more of these rules, interferes with the proper functioning of the activities, affects the safety of participants and/or violates the rules of ethics, civility and respect for others.


  1. All users present on the sports fields must have a wristband.
  2. Participants must present their wristband corresponding to their access right to the TAZ at all times upon request.
  3. All users must complete the liability waiver on their first visit.
  4. The participant must respect the schedule in effect.
  5. Skateboards, bicycles, scooters and skates are to be used in the sports areas only.
  6. Motorized equipment, whether electric or non-electric, is not permitted in our facilities.
  7. TAZ is not responsible for any theft, loss, breakage or accident that may occur on the premises of the activities and on all TAZ property.
  8. Any accident, no matter how minor, must be reported immediately to the staff on duty.
  9. Any defects in equipment, ramps or other sports facilities must be reported to TAZ staff.
  10. Rental equipment must remain inside the TAZ at all times.
  11. The renter agrees to return the equipment the same day or face collection procedures.
  12. The renter is responsible for the rental equipment in case of theft, loss or damage.
  13. The participant must have appropriate sportswear. It is mandatory to wear a shirt, shoes and to use the appropriate protective equipment.
  14. It is forbidden to eat and/or drink in the areas reserved for sports practice.
  15. Users must dispose of their waste in the appropriate bins (garbage, recycling, compost). Let’s keep the TAZ clean for your safety.
  16. Promotional signage is prohibited unless authorized by the TAZ staff.



  1. Participants must demonstrate good sportsmanship by respecting others, equipment and facilities.
  2. Respectful language must be used at all times.
  3. No pushing or shoving is allowed.
  4. No form of intimidation will be tolerated.
  5. Spitting is prohibited.
  6. The use of alcohol, cannabis or any other illegal substance is strictly prohibited. Access is denied to anyone who is impaired by these types of consumption.
  7. Smoking and vaping are prohibited inside the TAZ. Outside, smokers and vapers must respect a 9-meter radius around the TAZ doors, according to the signs posted.
  8. Any form of solicitation or sales is prohibited.
  9. Only courses and/or training sessions offered and booked by the trained TAZ team are permitted in the facility.
  10. Loitering and disturbing the peace is prohibited at all times.
  11. Changing is not permitted anywhere other than the restrooms.
  12. Any indecent or inappropriate behavior will result in expulsion from the premises and/or legal action.
  13. The use of cell phones, cameras or video cameras in the washrooms is prohibited.
  14. No criminal acts will be tolerated.


For the safety of all in the Skatepark area:

  1. Area reserved for ages 6 and up or have an advanced level.
  2. The following equipment is prohibited: 3 wheels scooters, plastic and/or folding scooters, balance bikes and longboards.
  3. Be aware of your skill level.
  4. No loitering allowed.
  5. Please follow the recommendations of our qualified staff and respect their interventions.


Age requirements:

  1. Users 12 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  2. Children 5 years old and under have access to the Roulodome section only and must be accompanied by an adult on the sports field.


Protective equipment:

  1. Helmets must be worn by all.
  2. All other protective equipment is strongly recommended (knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads and mouth guards).



TAZ strongly recommends that all practitioners wear full protective equipment (helmet, knee, elbow, wrist and mouth guards) to ensure safe and effective performance.